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Smoke Alarm Legislation

Under QLD legislation, the agent / owner has to ensure the smoke alarms are checked/serviced, either 12 monthly or every time a lease is signed – which ever one happens first. A property manager cannot do this. Our office engages Smoke Alarms contractors to check this on your behalf for a small annual fee. The safety switch will also be checked under this service to ensure it is compliant and safe. Tenants are obligated to report any faults to the smoke alarms during their tenancy. New legislative requirements are now in place since January 2017 and we will discuss this with you as well.

Landlord Protection Insurance

We strongly encourage all landlords to take out Landlord Protection Insurance. Unfortunately owning a residential rental property comes with some risks, some of which are out of our control. Tenants’ circumstances can sometimes change and these risks can be covered by your landlord insurance which is also a tax deduction for you. We would be happy to assist you further with this matter – at no extra cost.

Pool Compliance

The Queensland Government has introduced strict swimming pool safety laws. The new laws commenced on 1 December 2010. Under these strict laws, pool safety certificates from a licensed pool inspector must be obtained before entering into any lease agreement. Heavy fines are in place, should these certificates not be obtained and renewed when required.


On handing the property over to your new tenants, we are required to supply them with 1 full set of keys for every lock at the property. A partial set of keys that secures the entry and the exit doors to the premises also needs to be given to every tenant.

Our office also needs to retain a full set of keys to facilitate inspections and to ensure that master keys are kept safe.

Water Charging

QLD landlords can pass on full water usage to the tenants, providing that the property is individually metered and that the property has been checked by a licensed plumber, with the appropriate water efficiency certificate being issued. A non-compliant property will result in the owner only being able to recover partial water usage charges.


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